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Croton Community Coalition

The Croton Community Coalition is a community group aligned around a common mission to prevent and reduce teen alcohol and community drug use.  Our members include students, parents, local business owners, village and school trustees, members of the police department, representatives from the schools and village office, faith leaders and representatives from civic organizations and area non profits.

The Coalition has an annual plan to build awareness, provide education and promote prevention planning community-wide. This is made possible by a five year federal grant, matched with local in-kind contributions of time and materials.

For the "Presentation of Student Survey Data, October 2010 Overview" please click here.

The Croton Community Coalition is asking all parents/guardians of  7th through 12th grade students to participate in the "PRIDE"  Parent Survey.  Please click here for more information and for a hyperlink to the survey site.

For the "The Croton Student Survey: Substance Use Prevalence & Trends" presented October 2012 please click here.


The Croton Community coalition "U Choose" Youth Council created this anti-marijuana Public Service Announcement that was aired on several local Cablevision channels (Upper Westchester river towns region) from October 31, 2010 through January 2, 2011.

The following PVC and CHHS students and community members are in the PSA...
Stephanie Vlad(12th), Taylor Vlad (7th), their parents Bill and Lisa Vlad (teacher at CET), Max Anderson (12th), Daria Wells (11th), Shannon Nikitopoulos (10th), Charlie Nikitopoulos (8th), Brian Colombini (9th) and Detective Gabrielsen.

A special thank you to Matt Pucci (12th) and Carlton Sargeant (10th) for filming and editing, Mr. Weinstein for the use of the equipment and Ellen Hackett, Student Assistance Counselor for coordinating the project!
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